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any kind an apparently complete uisensibility to all impressions external and

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impaction becomes so great as to induce symptoms of extreme

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This removed one great source of difficulty while the observations

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nine hours of observation in Boston when they were described as falling as

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ances cured. These apparent cures are not always permanent

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erally yielding in the first place and in a few minutes the animal

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considered by the Jledical Superintendent to be incurable.

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a basis may be formed for the establishment of fixed rules to

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alternations between heat and cold occur frequently during every

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There are several other cases which we cannot allude to here

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donna stramonium and steaming with turpentine. Tur

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has only needed the exciting causes mentioned above to develop

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and published by Puccinotti see Haeser in loc. Haeser tells us

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you are faithful you may look for in your chosen calling. In

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what happens in diabetic coma when the increase of acetone

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mean is that Englishmen speak more carefully and accurately

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colouring matter and the corpuscles are unlike those of health.

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and so much has been written upon the subject that its consid

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tumour and in No. VI. the cavernous timbre of the second sound

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syrinx and these are inserted into the three upper bronchial

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lymphatic glands. Enlarged throughout dark purplish red in color and

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palliative measure but he does not feel justified in letting it

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theraselres in morbid imaginings viewed as realities who are never

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irritability which can be detected by careful investigation.

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size distinctions of ranks have been abolished so that the ety

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he says They se something th matther with his lungs too

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of the recognition of the relationship between chemical consti

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year 1886. Reprint from the Report of the Agricultural Depart

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inary Surgeon or analogous title without conforming to the require

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growth and development of the body and the disease manifests

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The occipital bone as a whole is thicker and apparently

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inflammations. In scarlatina for example we see cases showing

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When mechanical asphyxia is threatened tracheotomy may

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Under the head of new business Dr. Hoskins offered a resolu

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many fibres to which no nervous fibril is distributed and which