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of the nerves of the lower extremities. In all relief was

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It was well observed by Pringle more than half a century ago.

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Article VI. Spurious Diphtheria Its Nature and Treatment.

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a well marked group of cutaneous symmetrical neuroses manifested

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which condition to that of actual inflammation there is but a single

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Governor H. E. the Commander in Chief the Principal Inspector General of

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which tliey assert not only enlarges the scope of chemical reactions but points

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dependent portions of the lungs and the larger bronchi

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The morbid mental activity is thus removed and a condition

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Alison writing nearly fifty years later says that inflammation

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no local reaction. Its absence might be explained by the brief

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when I came to analyze the various muscular movements of the body and

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Special attention g iven to Diet for Visitors taking Treatment.

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time and is always before one while the many who die early aro

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what are the circumstances which lead to the adoption of a particular profession

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Patient sleeps very little and describes her sufierings as awful.

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Two cases came under my notice last autumn strongly confirmatory of this

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road of progress but push on with a surety of a brilliant harvest.

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being one of the characteristics of this people. A certain feebleness and

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ordinary student and have embarrassed him with the difficulties of

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atrophy hyperkeratosis and cancerosis of the skin resulting

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rience of the radical cure of crural hernia on the living subject

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life. Its malignant course is not influenced by any kind of in

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ment there is no difference between purulent and serous

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the rest are grinding away to the last minute at a inanual

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good. On the contrary the animal may be unthrifty and

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Throughout the course of the disease we have still one con

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can not be definitely made by abdominal examination. Dr.

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air. This pulp was improved on by Warlomont by remov

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same style as the grinder for the Hall often they are united

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and other degenerations of the arteries. It is not improbable that

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One prol able indeed the most probable source of the notorious pre

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point of view some valuable subjective and objective testimony

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The names of Graves and Stokes are so inseparably and so im

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strong terms in which he recommends the catheterization of the tube.

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involvement of one or more of these sinuses his patient makes