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tility of the muscles generally is retained for some time after death.

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vegetable alkaloids promoting their absorption. Its action in

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Rubber tubing for drainage purposes should be washed with

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After a prolonged session the members adjourned for dinner.

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Lord Chief Baron Pollock very naturally expressed his surprise tliat no

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In the present contribution it is not my intention to endeavour to

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We believe that no city in the world has made more rapid

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all night. We hastily decided to hide our prize and wait

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and the gradual wasting of the diseased mass. The activity

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we use a 9 inch concave mirror of about 2 inches diameter

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attacks. As Erlanger states all the cardinal symptoms of

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disguised under the name of a brain fever he became permanently maniacal

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operation. But this is quite at variance with what has now been

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task would almost necessitate the compilation of a treatise on the

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we can confidently recommend to the practitioner of many

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Xinety four years ago Wigand drew the attention of the

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to bring the subject under the notice of the Lord Provost Magistrates and

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