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fession of the United States and Canada. The committee

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sympathetic causes paralysis of the motor tissue of the arteries

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cessfully the disease apparently gone but the strength was gone also there

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parts for a few minutes or bathe with very cold water this

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an extensive sero fibrinous exudation from the mucous mem

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to get the probe to enter the frontal duct. It may even be

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Philadelphia who was noted for wonderful expertness in

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mencement of the University of Pennsylvania on June

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This is certainly a most satisfactory result for some of the cases

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torpid liver biliary catarrh gastroduodenal catarrh and gall stones also for mucous

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cancer he does refer to the condition of the neighbouring glands as

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should lead one to make an investigation as to the cause espe

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canal b. Those in which he tries to constrict it by reuniting its

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thing abnormal in the wall of the aorta. The patient has eaten

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two or three minutes the treatment is suspended and the sur

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the next day this thigh was covered with an erythematous blush.

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The requirements for this degree are very high comprising an examination on the

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to middle ear cavity and good drainage did not stop the dis

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curved and overlap each other. The patch of integument

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poses endorsing the decision of the directors of a prize cattle show

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may elapse before fatty degeneration can be detected. Besides

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body was very oedcmatous the heart was hypertrophied and fatty

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nosis we have at our disposal such as inspection palpation

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nal. But first tell me how this foulness is contracted.

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patient and preserving his strength is the most we can do at

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hours but she eventually recovered nicely. In this connection

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inclined to make what might have proved rash experiments. I

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departure from Mentone Nice Cannes or from Italy or Spain can take place

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tration and control of the University and University College

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Prof. Woodward is anxious that close relations be main

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effect. Iodine and sulphurous acid injections have been lat

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be a great abundance of material. The shoeing forge is very

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identical in structure with suprarenal capsule are found in

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Thus far we have justifled the contention I think that the

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do not make gelatine fluid. On the surface they take the

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seasons are sudden and violent and secondly that the

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Dr Watson entertains and which in his usual elegant and philoso

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The Institute undertakes the estimation of the activity of Radium and Radio

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is with difficulty cut with a knife and considerable force is required

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by very small doses tolerance to some anaphylactic agent. This treatment has been

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After the conferring of the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Science

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of stimulant astringent and tonic which can be employed.