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New York. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. New York: D.

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and Physicians by Henry G. Landis, A. M., M. D., Late Professor of

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The Senate Agriculture Committee has reported out a bill that

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The advice given by the late Sir Erasmus Wilson When asked how to

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Loose and inaccurate statements abound throughout the book. As

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you can have a 1,000 acre farm with a 30, 40 or 50 acre wheat base.

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nourished. In association with anaemia it occurs more often

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courtly in manners, and the personification of religious propriety and saintly

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keep these two classes of cases distinct and separate as regards treatment,

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geon-General Sternberg as Acting Assistant Surgeon, and on July 5 was

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Case XIV. — ^J. W., aged 35 years, has been in the institution five years.

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referred to. The living human subject with a pressure-pneumothorax seems