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ficial glance at the whole psychiatrical field but will deal
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ground of veterinary anatomy and leaves nothing for the most ardent
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quently wins the battle. Emergencies come to every one
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the Ontario Veterinary College Toronto Canada to the effect that the
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Roux Both Boyer and Roux were they alive must have felt the flattering
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exterior and attacks the lungs and the animal dies of asphyxia.
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Dr. Crookshank states that the closest examination has
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the tongue was cold and there was inability to move it and in
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simply to the completion of placental detachment but to the degree
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expression to the face solutions should be injected into the external carotid of
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action is one of its chief advantages. The objection is made
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from the hand of an arbitrary Jove and strove to avert its
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this absorption of the fronto nasal suture. But this skull
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with which the Maori has adapted himself to many European
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rence was attributed to free removal of thyroid glands and
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normal peristalsis of the stomach is seriously interfered with.
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Several M.D. s yet young men whom I know will curse
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mucomembranous colitis arteriosclerosis phlebitis diseases of the throat and air
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recall peculiar instances in which the omentum seemed to be
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occasions seen the use of mercury apparently useful in the treatment
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from the onter hallaclal tendon to the Inner digital common tendon.
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of digestion are impaired and the mucous membranes highly irri
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charges mentioned al ove as in conformity with the statements mad lt il.
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administered. The drinking of the hot water is usually fol
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tinued palpitation in females in each of which the same peculiarity
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often and this I have been unable to overcome although I can
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Colonics or of such other Universities as may be specially recognised
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How otherwise can we account for the apparent success of one
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the heart there is an anguish for which we have no other name.
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pended with lanoline and liquid carbolized paraffin in the
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husky. Touched lymph sponged fauces and dropped solution into
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impossible que celui ld soil bon midecin qui ignore absolument Vart
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As a matter of fact medical control has been such a con
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listens with a horror stricken countenance. Very well I ll
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to a considerable degree. The tumefaction was relieved and the face from
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Rutherford James Scotland. On the Articulations and Movements of
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that injections of morphine have proved beneficial in allaying
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grammes and the minimum grammes. The child is as a rule
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I have been surprised to see how a few minutes talk
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greeted his appearance had subsided expressed his satisfaction at meeting
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In the parasitic diseases of animals Dermatodectes Sar
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defects in surgery until both arrived with Hogarth and Reynolds
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by the testimony of professional veterinarians of the highest
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erning and civilizing. When the Prince Hal of Democracy
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shall be justified in refusing to accept it. W e may likewise be
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Small tanks containing only twenty four hours supply were substituted for
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Veterinary Surgeon Steele made an exhaustive investigation of
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cause of a peculiarly tremulous bleating sound the sound which characterizes
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entery in spiral coils like that of the small intestine. Mi
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Vesp. Pulse rising bowels still relaxed and irritability of stomach con
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Defects Chondro Dystrophy Status Lymphaticus and Diph
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sexual intercourse. The Government allow 8 men per 100 to marry.