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nal dermoids described as non ovarian. The cysts of this

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enormous congenital dilatation of the lymphatics from both

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disease presents while as a general rule my experience has been

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seven papers 1879 80. Pysemia and Puerpural Septicasmia

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tiality of these amids acids and nitrogenous organic substances

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the disease. The ruminants enjoy almost complete immunity from the

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in the alimentary canal in its normal state are also

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immediately followed by an interval varying from a week to

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tissue removed is of value in differentiating a tubercular bladder

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order to explore the Avhole cavity to remove diseased tissue

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Cramps much relieved. The pulse less feeble the face and extremities less

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to deal with ocular symptoms only. The swelling of the lids

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foreign matter as in the condition known as choking and is

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found in several cases keratitis parenchymatosa and uveitis.