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into it and proved himself in the right. Soon after he made

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tubbing. In northern winters the windows have been kept

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throats of patients but notwithstanding this large experience he

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tense and here and there small hard masses were felt. Both flanks

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per pound of peanut protein is lower than for meats eggs

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chief signs physical the greatest risks accidental until dilat ition

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attack of intermittent gastrosuccorrhea. However between

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was there a livelier picture of youthful rivalship with be

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additional risk of doing so and I began the operation in hopes that

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The stomach was filled with food which was covered with a

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from the nervous centre the recurrence of muscular contractility

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read a report in which he showed that pleuro pneumoniaand tuberculosis

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and several ghastly faces had peeped forth from the mirror

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were seen many times in the alveoU filled with fibrinous

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similar in calibre and character to the tube used in washing

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difficulty but was unable to walk. The sense of constriction round the

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Dysentery is only one of the very many serious affections which are

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tarsus or of retrotarsal folds. 2 Cicatrization of conjunctiva on tarsus

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a corps of investigators about ten of such being under way.

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move neither the arms nor legs. There was very deficient sensa

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of the small intestine reddened. The specific microbe was

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alcohol. They appear very well when the sections are stained

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treads behind the steps of error they should ever go astray

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the pressure of an enlarged thyroid on the cervical sympathetic

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diffuse and no adhesions have formed. The Fowler position

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The great importance to be attached to a study of the etiology

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sleep for hours unconscious of pain. In the case of angina

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Veterinary Surgeon Steel that it was a spirillum would not

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well as by others not belonging to the medical profession. But

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Sometimes the doors between the parlor and the office

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movement during inspiration and the percussion sound was impaired as low

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Waters. The chief ingredient is chloride of sodium. They are obtained from the

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vision. In actuality you have come full circle for

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No part of the Physostigma venenosum is known to possess active

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attention has been paid recently to the condition described under this name.

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betes develops spontaneously in dogs only when they are fed