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and fluffiest blankets that can be got are used. The bedclothes
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appreciation of the non irritating properties of metallic sutures even
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Dr Griepenkerl recommends that this treatment should not be commenced
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to the present time have proved to be so useful as one set
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Proceedings veterinary medical societies i 4 190 280 890
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Simpson. This patient was a good looking young woman with an
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investigation. The remainder was sent to me by tne Rev. John
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causing a slight discharge from the comminuting wound but
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tological I would add one other remark upon these operations
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yellow persistent but not copious vaginal discharge which ceased
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effective measures be adopted to stem the inroads of this tide which
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His mental faculties are generally supposed to be inferior to either.
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The frontal sinus may be entered after enlarging its duct
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society to which only graduates in good standing from some Vet
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tinctive Characters of Man Faculties and Instincts of Man
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viewed as possessing more than an ordinary practical interest