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course tries to escape at the point of least resistance which

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recovery. As we have found the cardiac derangement to depend

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dimensions. The small angular flap left bj the third iocixion is very likely

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about twenty two years ago chiefly by the efforts of the late Dr.

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covery of the gonococcus and even before it was definitely

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and I have known it to prevail epidemically here only since the

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ness as is shown by the absence of delirium and the sense and

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HLs health had been uniformly good tUl neuralgia of both shoulders became

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coincides in point of time with an excess in drinking. I do not

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extent the gravity of cases of colic disorder as if it is great

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muscular injections of mercury and embracing an epitome of

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tail and at the same time they had pleuro pneumonia in their lungs.

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less complete paralysis and anaesthesia besides tenderness and

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operative procedures. Primary healing of wounds is now

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practical method by which it may be suppressed. It seems not