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experiments performed. As this drug diminishes the arterial tension and the

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surface of each wing. The swellings were symmetrical in

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Accordingly under these circumstances the treatment must be resumed even

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the tube from any cause and if situated in the cervical region

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Dr Husband remarked that Sir John Ogilvy had drawn up a bill which

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ought to be sent home. It was explained to him in the kindest

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may be often seen staggering under weights which would try the

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occipital posterior because the back of the head is against the

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is not of much consequence since the changes in the position

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treated on board his own ship and was convalescing favourably

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the quantity of nitrogenous food in the mother s diet the

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observe during the winter patients affected with inflammation of

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Great JSTorthern Central Hospital Holloway Dr. Colin Camp

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we confine ourselves to the scientific aspect of the question and

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seriously impaired that the combination of starvation and

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vertebrae are precisely those which occur in cheesy tubercles

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days later the sight became seriously impaired but it was not until

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specific function in the etiology of the disease process.

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Morbid Anatomy. Bompiani during an epidemic at Rome in 1918 made

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of the two kinds under consideration with the view of de

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their work and in every instance the subject brought fully up to

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respectable ordeal than the jalap and rhubarb botheration at

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The muscles of the fauces are by far the most frequent as well

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nately for the suflferers they too are of comparatively rare

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fetor and purulent discharge continued the sinuses particu

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neurasthenia anaemia chlorosis some sclerotic diseases of spinal cord drj scal3 skin

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nothing abnormal was seen. The stomach contained a semifluid material and