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fourth of an inch posterior to the anterior end of the cartilage.
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turbing effect of collateral circumstances. For a reason somewhat
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In conclusion I will briefly state the advantages of external
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veterinarians not only the more commonly used preparations in con
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with a personality distinguished by strength and deter
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and the absence of sufficiently delicate means of investigation led
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readily arrest attention and to the same assemblage of symptoms
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proceedings succeeded in inserting the point of the index and subsequently
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intending to destroy any but her perfidious lover during his absence jireparcd
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ence of a parasite in aU the diseased animals examined
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ery was very prompt the animal returned to work in 28 days.
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In some persons the secretions of the raucous membranes in the normal
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questions can be definitely settled the disease having at one
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many errors. That rapid eremacausis of the tissues and the conse
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pursued by these tumors and their relation towards the rachidian
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Owing to the steady increase in the number of students attending this
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given every two hours day and night while the patients were awake and
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pediculus capitis and found that they were killed in five or six
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of the aorta partial or peripheral which may be the effect of the
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not rather been a convenietit theme for the sickly fancies of the
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also the fact that many of the leaders in the profession both
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tends to destroy the power of doing any useful work either
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Gauze and Cotton Tissue prepared at my suggestion by Messrs. Robinson it
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be felt as a transverse ridge extending across the lower portion
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of cancer were found in the substance of the liver.
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portant for it has been through individual research that all
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their bodies with poison. Any chemical analyst would tell
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The following office bearers were appointed for the ensuing year Matthew
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anticipation of which may form a strong objection to their use are
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to drive him crazy. Miss Ammon who often met the law
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part afforded me of applying my local and general treatment before
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it the flower continued to shrivel up till it became as dry
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I mention these facts because I am sure we are too prone to
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he will be a better judge of the worth of his material of
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changes wrought by inflammation of old standing in some points and
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and if congestion of the lungs with oppressed action of the
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Prof. Wm. Oldright of the University of Toronto as Presi
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Special cases of Mental Deficiency are seen on Thursday mornings at
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the influence exerted on the pupils. Ihe power which Physo
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teriujm does not kill the spore. It does not follow however from this
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Congenital malformations of the intestinal canal are objects of
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