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Edition of this Index to revise the whole book thoroughly

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food. The practical effect of this view is that all persons connected

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larity of the form he has described in birds to those which

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Baths. There are five establishments where nearlj 100 treatments are given inchid.

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myces but protozoa very similar to if not morphologically

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added to this we have the hypothesis that the original immigrants

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present any difficulties. Potter in another paper illustrates his diaphragm by

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wall of the meatus. The nasal chamber and especially the

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be thoroughly wetted and rubbed gently for about one minute

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pletely destroyed but either the optic nerve or the occipital

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not. And if we review the general experience in regard to

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It lived it loved it died its course of life was run.

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ceous gland from which the bird derives ointment for its

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ferent observers who have studied eriodic vomiting accord

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The continued observation of the disease for many months

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in violence and frequency were not much under the control of bromide

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greatly shocked on hearing of his sudden death March 31st.

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last menstrual period occurred on January 8th 1905. About

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cock structurally resembles a nsevus the ischial callosities of

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should be provided immediately at hand so that the pus is

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subject who has been exposed to the poisonous influences of

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among people in easy circumstances and in the best houses of the

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any position. Muscular spasms became frequent urine was voided and ex

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List of Instruments. A record of the number of forceps

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be said without exaggeration that Dr. Wallace was literally

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local inflammation from which a severe progressive inflam

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with flatus some injection of mucous membrane posteriorly small