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ability it may induce sleep. The more powerful narcotics

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Was it then opium which produced the desired eflfect No.

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we possess. But functional disturbance in the nervous

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while working vnth a heavy suspension of living B. typhosus sucked about

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tion and projection of light were absent. With the light strik

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always be proven that the person attacked therein had been in direct

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and all observers are agreed as to the advisability of regulat

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the really effectual treatment the result I think might have been

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according to the patient s statement hardly three months had elapsed

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April 3rd accompanied by his wife and daughter. After

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action goes out after the fruit squeezes two more drops

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the left upper front of chest extending to left shoulder.

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the surgeon may be called upon to perform an emergency

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Whatever may be the merits of the case it cannot be denied that

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While this is not an excessively fatal disease the prognosis.


tion are held by some writers to be associated. And this cachexia

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is not due to any primary lesion of the tissue affected but is

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the inner and the outer. In the inner clinic are on an average

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air of itself seems to cure in a manner which nothing else can

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that won t make any difference. Just pretend you are me