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continue long enough to produce asphyxia. The fatal com
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chapter devoted to pathological anatomy is a mere specious or
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be done as Sampson has shown if the ureteral orifices are in
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fourth confinement labour commenced about 7 A.M. Dr Finlay when called
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Dr John StruUiers exhibited a dissection showing the tendon from the flexor
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their bodies with poison. Any chemical analyst would tell
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I ith the Recommendations of the Report of the General Council on
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child under observation for a few days but observed no change
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because it frees oxygen and oxygen is a chemical purifier.
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Mr Sjienre showed a preparation interesting both from the formidable
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have it any other way. I cannot thank you enough for
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the ascites re accuniulatc d and had to be drawn off by tapping.
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excluded from the peritoneal cavity by sewing the round liga
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acute meningitis as made and confirmed by one of th visiting physicians.
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mainly for the purpose of rearing to their tribe half caste children
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day when they can be easily destroyed or sterilized by boiling
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It is vain to seek for the cause of convulsive movements in any
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fauces contain frothy mucus which covers the top of the larynx
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May those travels guided by the science you take hence
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should be sterilized by steam at a pressure of 15 lbs. for at
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Climatic T esort Patronised by the British Tied Cross Society.
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train ran into his vehicle as he was crossing the tracks. It is
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planted into the neck of a larger one by anastomosing the cut
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This little book which has been prepared for medical
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fonuation of a new breach in the walls and in protruding they
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natives who are comfortable even when huddled around a few
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incision above the umbilicus. It was thought better to leave a
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paired to the last. On the other hand sensation and motion were
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S. Because it hath not yet become a salt box having