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aUied forms by systematists and Garrod too seemed to

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tion of the phrenic and sciatic nerves. The other various organs and viscera

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spring for the past eleven years not in winter but only at the

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Mr Thompson complains that in my Description of a new instrument for

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The older the woman and the larger the number of children

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Now with a very simple addition to his ordinary boot he

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factors in the production of psychoses and coming nearer home

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bichloride solution for two minutes. After disinfection the

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of a columnar celled cancer. The extreme pain in the right

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interests of the whole population and of the empire that this partic

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names of the authors but the former as already mentioned has a

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as shown by the clouded appearance of the parenchyma.

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not merely to testify of our sympathy and affection for Prof.

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and Waller have styled it or the sympathetic trunk in the neck

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character of the infection and most important to differentiate

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of our race namely cystitis bound in chains and I trust that

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the distant pulses is more exact than in ordinary circumstances and

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truit the kernels of which both in taste and appearance resemble the common

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aches proceeded from an injury to the medulla oblongata

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with the underlying skin and the bony lamella fell off. The margins of

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which the uterine artery approaches the cervix and to the situation

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may be confined to a small portion of the animal s body and

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plying facts from large populations the most different we could well

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is full of useful observations and helps materially to explain the passage

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thoroughly swabbed with 65 per cent alcohol. In case of

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From the above short description of the case it will be at once

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magnitude such as amputation at the hip joint a fourth assist

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in some places over the abdomen and especially in the line of the

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into a vascular district and may likewise be concerned in stimu

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and the system appearing rather irritable the mercury was stopj ed

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Article IV. Case of Ovanotomv. By William Crockatt

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The history of the symptoms in case No IV. contrasted very

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Miss C. Don t say another word it was all my fault.

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were smaller when he entered the hospital than they had been

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valence of pleuro pneumonia. In August 1886 an agree

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and size of its bloodvessels. Dr Laycock has however argued

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tation ceases. This observation may be very useful to us in

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soon as he could speak without choking he flatly accused


that observed by the author in the elephant brains preserved