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J.Liao you always make me giggle I will always remember the fishheads.

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acetone and diacetic acid may be excreted in the urine

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would advise students in respect to sports and healthy exercise.

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To My Parents Thank you for teaching me the fine balance between

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Besides this numbness and coldness there was a sense of scalding or tingling

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obtained by acting with one drachm of distilled water on five grains

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in the year 1850 in the pages of this Journal. Subsequent experi

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Dr Murray read the following communication On Sunday 25th April at

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Leeds I was instructed in these matters under the second Wm. Hey

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from chronic Bright s disease whose look is so sufliciently cachectic or anicmic

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refer to the routine examination of the urine during pregnancy.

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paper read before the Royal Society by Mr. Marshall and Mr.

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the Department of Agriculture in a special volume in 1879.

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than fugitive papers in the medical journals. The book is a modest

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