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elective representatives of the High School teachers of Ontario

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hair. The fine downy hairs on the nose have very large

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extremities along the trunk to the neck. The respirations became noisy and

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of severe discipline on its positive or surgical side.

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Mental and Nervous Diseases and the Abuse of Drugs.

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yellowish or greenish yellow. This is due no doubt to regurgi

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organ as well as by abating the force with which the blood reaches

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interval between the periods of vomiting varied very much but did not seem

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ment of the Navy and the improved position of naval Surgeons was favourably

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was discharged to duty but not allowed to go aloft.

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proven. In this we regard him as eminently sound. He clears

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contains the records of a thoroughly practical man. It reports bold

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will prove a serious inconvenience but only a temporary

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life. The first condition of real success in any natural

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sold you our used books for cheap. Our years at medical

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together many will be found closely resembling those in the

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A marriage license recently reached the Department of

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extirpated and smears made from them. In the other six

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These experiments were continued with the diplococcus

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Exceptions to these Rules. 1. In multipara the head may

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affinity and his great splendid yearning eyes have answered

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in Canada to require any lengthy notice and his book when it

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probably mean that physiologial disturbances of the elastica

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method by which the powers of the Crown in relation to the

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occur in malaria and suggests that they are identical.

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short duration and having so far as I know no epidemic character.

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