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using the pocket handkerchief frequently and cleansing the nose thoroughly.

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The course of the disease is from five to eight days but

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at Cornell University by Professor James Law. Since that time

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and the following session to the delight of the students he appeared

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tions of brevity can excuse an entire omission of such an important practical

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British Oto Laryngological Society Sec 11 Chandos Street W.l.

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more perfect form more and more susceptible to its subjec

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bined spasm and distension of hollow muscular organs for

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in ordinary quinsy from the swollen and painful state of the fauces

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The annual meeting of this association was held in Toronto December

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excessive growth in the downward direction of the ascending colon

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ting out into and blocking the left half of the pelvis. The

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a short paper touching upon some of the points contained

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neuralgia of the shoulder. This was conspicuous also in case

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blowing murmur at the base of the heart the arterial souffle in the

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circumstances deprives them of such control and renders their state

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both acid and ferments. The following vomiti are frequently

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unsatisfactory and in the great majority of cases attempts to

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chambers contained blood of diflerent colours. These symptoms

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cannot be taken cognizance of either visually or by manual

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The paper consists largely of some seventeen diagrammatic

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ough examination is made to determine the presence of

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iodine many non syphilitic skin diseases disappear is explained by Hebra partly

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tion to be rapidly carried into the circulation. The bacteria

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thought are medical observers so deficient as in logic. Let

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self and prevents circulation in all collateral branches then

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bean of Physostigma venenosum has the following actions