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was opened externally. She became unable to manage her

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At the 131st annual conmiencement of the University of Pennsyl

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MENTALLY DEFICIENT CHILDREN. Their Treatment and Training.

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multilocular cjst some of the loculi being filled with fluid of a

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dysentery phthisis and rheumatism. In order to show the com

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alongside that of the Anglo Saxon stranger and feels that their powers if

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sound state of the general health aneurism should be suspected.

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tion. Again bursts of laughter followed but strange to say Desgeneltes

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of these cases by MM. Hiffelsheim and Aran only one speaker

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dyspeptic lady who consulted her physician and reported

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upwards and the rural mainland comprising all smaller towns with

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their being combustible would not add sensibly to the tremendous heat produced

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During the summer and autumn months which may be said to

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nothing to do with these. This is my life work. Let him

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lowing are the notes of her case after she entered the Infirmary

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of the small intestine reddened. The specific microbe was

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Majesty s most Honourable Privy Council. And the said regulations if sanctioned

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following cream Biborate of soda 40 grm. zinc oxide 60 grm. lime

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were observed disease of the aortic valves with hypertrophy and

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parts had terminated and while the heave of the chest produced by

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the condition found in an ordinary blood vessel system with

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that ol Mis Gladwin told him that a cousin of hers used

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in extensive groups. By carefully focussing these groups are

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of the genus taenia are common though less frequent than

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that had existed in the throat pharynx and epiglottis had been

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the bleeding from numerous points in the wall was so great that

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felt after having introduced this probe pointed bougie with

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students in groups make post mortems under the direction of

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It seems to me that in the controversy which lias taken place

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prevent the growth of various parasitic bodies found within

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waited for his question. Are there any tubercles he

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organisms decreased and the capacity of the bladder increased