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A woman aged twenty seven was admitted a short tim ago
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attended with a most provoking and ceaseless itching of the vulva
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The lateral and posterior walls were also ulcerated. The
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pints. When he left on August 24 1885 his urine was still
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latterly been some tendency in this neighborhood no doubt
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admitted for inflamed fibroid had effusion in pleura pericardium
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the ballot. The election of members of the committee for the fol
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measles made their appearance particularly in the children s hos
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sion for in this affection the patients are liable to convulsions
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ef phosphate of soda and infusion of gentian twice a day avoid
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very near the external cold for it is situated in the lowest
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uniformly enlarged. The skin was adherent glazed and pigmented. There was a good
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that thinks it necessary to assert his position by insisting on
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countenance if the blood has not yet burst forth. And if the
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wound was drained and packed with gauze. The patient although very ill for
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its normal longitudinal flight of which fact the wound itself