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Dr. C* F. Hoover left the city August second for a two weeks' trip on the

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were also made upon the statement of "Bill" Smith, M. D., D. O., to the

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bill the toted value of the country's crops plummeted 24 percent

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and will be subject to editing, mockery and possible abridgment. To be

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Dr P. J. Byrne on October 1 received the Democratic nomination for

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Atlanta, which commenced life a year ago with great flourish and much

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region of the country. The meeting was a hHj^ly successful effort to

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technique adopted by this subcommittee for the 1987 wheat crop« a


Their anger and their demands for action remind me of the response of

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Senter, David, national director, American Agriculture Movement, Inc 109

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amount you can borrow, but that's the difference — it's $200,000,

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tons on a milled basis in 1981 to 1.9 million metric tons in

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One of the silliest debates I ever hear is whether or not we

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and no history of disease of any kind could be obtained that

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finds in the local condition an explanation for all the patient's symptoms will

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think it is as good as trying to say that a producer should be from

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unanimously resolve to demand of all the medical colleges of the United Staes

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at last into such a state of debility that death ensues

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ceive how imminent is the danger when the infection has

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o The Flndley and marketing loan provisions prevent the loan program

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In Nebraska where, by the pay, those subsidy payments don't

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contagious nature, or showed that they more properly 'belonged to the ecze-

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effect, and, while the mortality rate was comparatively low under the circum-

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It IS reported that a Dr. Trumbull Qeaveland of New York is held under

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phratn permits a finger of two inches (5.08 cm.) length to be hooked over a

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I guess as a former soybean producer I have always held out the

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IT is curious that the War Department institutes hospitals for sick soldiers

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matic differences between the intent and the effect of a 0/92 and

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Mr. Chairman, I thank you for your foresight in holding hearings