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ence by which the function is disturbed. The one almost
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congestion around them and enlarged blood vessels running over their
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the sudoriparous variety in structure and opening by long ducts
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the mercury the fits recurred at once although they had been
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which while by no means limited to melancholia is especially
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Honorary President Dr. Hughes Leamington President Dr.
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The Canadian is I am afraid apt to imagine for some
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as they drove along and concluded that the stranger was no common man.
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MouUin claims that pain is due to irritation of an inflamma
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notoriously inconsistent pronunciamentos. Indeed it is
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as far as known called to take any active part in the contest.
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It is interesting to note in this connection that Mr. Moyni
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finds to do will be done with your might. While in other
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of this investigation are that ten out of fourteen cases had a
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mous frontal sinuses as well to which the irritability of the
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motor nerves of the hinder quarters. This proves beyond
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The region of injection was found to be limited to the subcutaneous cellular
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peculiar circumstance that although during the use of iodine some skin
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between them of a dirty green colour. The submucous areolar
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haps the lesser fatality in herbivorous animals noted by M.
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the President of the Philadelphia County Medical Society
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experience of other great towns though perhaps nowhere else so
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tive. For my own part I think that we should depend almost
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I use also fluid extract of com silk Zea mais in teaspoonful
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system and the error I committed in the treatment of the case
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The numerous illustrations especially those illustrative of the
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For Terms etc. apply to the MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT.
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continuance of the malady which was prolonged for several years.
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The advantages of a removal to a short distance from the land
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pital area I mean that space so definitely circumscribed