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influence exerted on the sentient nerve fibre itself or on its power
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scale. I must deviate however from the register in its classification
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dragged outwards or it may be pressed outwards by a tumor.
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question of showing stones the author also discusses the value of radiography
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cates the most frequent lesion without prejudicing in any
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the microbic origin of carcinoma. Various methods of tissue
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ledge as formerly it had been socially integrative.
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Those lips devoid of flesh those caverns void of eyes
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when such sloughing as I have mentioned took place no ulceration
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a practice altogether obsolete and based on lax surgical principles.
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ing been covered in June last by a valuable horse. The mare had
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on this side are devoted to the anatomical department and comprise the
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multilocular cjst some of the loculi being filled with fluid of a
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The invitations extended to about one hundred persons seventy of whom
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Damme the young rascal had made a clandestine marriage
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longed trials have practically given it up entirely.
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a small quantity of the same colour was found in the left side.
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mental disease in a single individual for it is found that each
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and neck succeeded each other. These were accompanied with feeble gasps
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in special classifications. It will be to our purpose to dwell
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May 1863 relative to the Pharmacopoeia was taken into consideration.
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by many of the impleasant results mentioned in this article. In elderly people
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the genital organs have led to no result although 1 can hardly
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middle of the night on sleeping cars just the same as any
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or local allusions whilst the students of London saw they
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clearly of the principles of the science and not loading the
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a healthy animal rupture of a blood vessel especially of a
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ment the attacks have been observed to become shorter and
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Dr. W. Harley Smith has removed from Spadina Avenue
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pinched feeling in the lower extremities which made walking difficult and
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tractions and thus overcoming congestions. It is from its action
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Congenital J alves of the Posterior Urethra. Randall records 2 cases of this
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less of personal appearance with intermittent attacks of
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Professor of Physiology and Hygiene for 12 years was
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while the Village Pastor is sampling cough candy wets
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tiame of an ignited match for the purpose of determining its
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When Dr Begbie in 1849 brought his observations on enlarge
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same in each instance. The symptoms premonitory of either
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ous in hardness but less vascular and more indolent than the encephaloid.
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room musetun dog kennels and feed room are on the second
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posterior wall 12 per cent on the pylorus 9 per cent on