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Their proportion is greater in certain parts of the circula

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are rather apt to lay too much stress on the advantages

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disease is to be ascribed to their use. Although many natives

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ject before us which space will not allow us to enlarge upon.

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about the heart. The introduction of fats into the dietary

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hypertrophy with obstructive and regurgitant disease of the aortic valves.

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Taenia unilateralis Rudolphi. From the intestine of the

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bites of serpents. This valuable secret discovered in Bogota by the celebrated

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the first quarter of the present century and first of all by Dr

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Secretaries are requested to communicate to the General

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number in the internal organs. Two liquid cultures of the

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of the exploitation of the dangerous wood alcohol with all its

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We are requested by the Congress of Arts and Science

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annual average of typhus could not have fallen short of 2500 and

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munity brought about by injection of aggressins. Compare

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ranging from 1 2 to 1 per cent. For vasomotor rhinitis

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modern homeopathic practise. I shall therefore postpone

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It is a circumstance worth mentioning that each of these

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during which the intraperitoneal injection of a small number