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teaspoonful every two hours to start with to be taken from
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bottles of some sort of solution which probably contained about
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ing in about six days Ref. 12 they are specific Ref. 16
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the spinal cord and I believe there never has been serious question
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Alum one half to one per cent. Bromide of Potash one
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The writer wishes to impress upon the general practitioner
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be the referee of those who want to engage in medical studies
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Moreover it appears that cases now on record prove beyond dis
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said to commence from to day. I wish therefore to speak
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must affect such a delicate membrane as the drum of the ear. The
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out or may be at all times constitutionally liable to become insane
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and G. s specimen and the gastrocnemius was not inserted
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fibres of the connective tissue are filled with serum and the
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The abuse and misuse of the curette may be observed in
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the periodicals of the day not however in the full and just
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ment 35. It is however possible from one experiment which
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it is now issued by its present editors I may only refer to
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useful application to cause a slough. The use of the actual
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restricted diet but on March 4th a violent attack occurred.
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at the various London societies. This restriction of ma
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disorders termed puerperal yet they apply in some measure at
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afterwards find the vomiting continued almost uninterruptedly till its death.
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occurrence of which we may be able to prevent by anticipating the
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diseased vertebrae and accounts for the preservation of the normal
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perversion is much greater in degree and shows itself not only
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femur and parallel with that bone form a strong fusiform
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hides himself under authority or adorns himseK with
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the opinion of Dr. Sheard Toronto s able Medical Health
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papers or in any way contribute to the proceedings of the
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we call Earth I need say little. We reach the Creator