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shown in figures D and E and beginning from the top
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ning its treatment locally and constitutionally at an early stage.
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and the walls of the intestine white and swollen the subpleural
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ingesta through the nostrils and eructation of gas and if the im
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the size and shape of an almond corresponded to this patch of
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cause. He cites three cases from his practice in which the
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It is not likely that any of you will deliberately lay
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general shape of the kidney and raises the surface in places to
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and described by him to the French Academy in 1724 and the
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swelling of inflammation 2d by an influence exerted on the organ
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was no longer recoverable from the sputum. On the other hand the treatment
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Tlic cardiac muscle may be so affected by injecting the syrupy
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be fed artificially. The mothers during the time of their
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extensive absorption of the underlying structures. Pressure
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may still be kept in abeyance. Opiates answer this twofold purpose
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ties and to neutralize the pernicious influences at work.
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nerve symptoms and nux vomica or strychnia have in my hands
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heart intermitted occasionally. The murmur of respiration was nowhere dis
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the headaches were almost invariably relieved even although
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in the sixth cervical vertebrae. Some of the abscesses were not com
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tracted it weighed 27 or. The valves were normal. The endocardium of the
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there are traces of suppuration and of ulceration. The mu
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earliest cases the history of gastric ulceration was either not
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uterus was free from pelvic adhesions. The circumstances of the