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and observes Something about the Paddington Canal run
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the structural changes to which the central organ of the circulation
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surgery 3 avoidance of amputations on war ships and
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that the moral excellence which religion demands is the
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on the continent have all raised a goodly pile of volumes on the
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trance through some lesion of the skin. Unlike the bacillus
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and the patient was convalescent and treated the whole affair with
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than y inches and requiring for its passage a circle of about 11
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the result of a claim which must be demonstrated that they
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amount of functional activity of the nervous and muscular systems
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experiments of Virchow Leuckart Zenker and Turner render it
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This association represents a vast interest at stake realizes
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internally as well as when applied locally. 2. That atropine and the Calabar
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Hairs occumng in the bladder may be derived from two
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peritoneal surface. This left upon me the impression that we do
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variety of channels. Excepting one experiment the method followed was forcibly to
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opportunities to the civil surgeon for its performance must be few
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cent of the original expeditionary force was inoculated before they crossed
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remarkable effects of chloroform in cutting short a disease which
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Mr. Croft well known to many Canadians as one of the
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the Government. He should however be Chairman of the
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Mr Spence showed a preparation of the elbow joint which he had lately
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afforded Thoma s views that the primary lesion of arterio
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advanced cataract prevents the use of the ophthahnoscope is fallj
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and perforation in from 6 to 10 per cent. according to the
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We may explain very briefly our present knowledge with
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when a renewed attack of diarrhoea accompanied with great pani
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Professor Wallet s Address at the Opening of the 63d Win
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streptococcus gonococcus bacillus coli and dysenterise in fact
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hot bag putting them in cold water rubbing them hard until
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changes his position now and then and again stands as
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if it would adequately present to its readers existing knowledge
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marked examples of the disease to satisfy myself that the size of