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know what is going on in the medical world and what advances

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of transmission of the infection. In this way moreover we

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t have said in regard to the premaxillary and nasal bones

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the ulceration and neighbouring parts are then thickly covered with the

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To which also suitable Patients may be sent on liolidav.

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two lays previously. Last night patient had not slept ana was so delirious

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Council stating the number and names of the candidates who have passed

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omy physiology and especially pathology of cattle hogs and sheep.

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middle height. Has never been robust but excepting several attacks of ague

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portions of the intestinal canal as well as of the ileum was coated

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Inaugural Thesis March 1858 by B. Monahan referred to by

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course has been pursued in and about New York at times during the

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lymph in these localities. An injection which I forced into the

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This infusion serves as a menstruum for the generation of infu

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We also know that vaccination done in a cleanly way is

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mally high. When the ammonia coefficient remains normal

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duced by the reaction of the tissues to the infection

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Again the kidney must be borne in mind as a possible source

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At the meeting of the Toronto Pathological Society on Sat

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catheter which he first described in the Lancet of June 20 1857.

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residents of the fort the prisoners in the Jail and shopkeejKjrs

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a mare suffering from oestro mania. We quote from Dr.

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features. In 1839 the disease was carefully observed by Dr

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ditions of imminent progressing incomplete and complete

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contirms this opinion. Ricord places the early treatment of mercury among

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becoming convalescent when on the morning of the 22d she was attacked

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kind interchange of friendly feelings and sentiments which took place through

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accused of the murder they had fulfilled their purpose and the jury returned

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saving the patient that expensive tank of oxygen. Given full

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all power to contract when irritated cither directly or through the

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noon an operating session was held at Dr. Fair s veterinary infirm

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