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ally disappeared although a smart fever continued for four or five days.
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strap around the chest confining the arms close to the body.
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any other fever than enteric fever. Gastric fever the only other
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the force which imtation of the cardiac ganglia induces. It also
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stenosis of the pylorus hour glass contraction of the stomach
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a harder time because he has to support himself from the
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portion. In the former case an intermittent tumor or globular
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MESSRS. LIVINGSTONE have undortaken the Britisli and Colonial frcncy
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his paper in proper form for publication to one of the secre
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either by extension and stretching of a natural opening or by the
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above described. The sections should remain at least over
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belonged. He had been sent there by the authorities of a neigh
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Alfort school where the students do nearly everything. Two
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through a conduetor or to cireular Electrical Dilatation. Cireular electrolj sis
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must affect such a delicate membrane as the drum of the ear. The