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On Monday the 12th of October the Royal CoUege of Physicians entertained

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first category in the preceding summary. Those cases in

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being much infested with tapo wo ms They often occur

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duties include the superintendence and conduct of the usual round

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aneurotic. The right eye had a mature cataract and by exam

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youth. Think what a sin and shame it would be if with

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ger of this error is increased because of the fact that general

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S Secovd Edition. Extensively Revised and Enlarged. Demy Svo

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pound included advanced cases. In many the vessels were

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to this country for the cysts are of slow growth and the

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part of the great uterine cavity the uterine arteries and the lower

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one of the most treacherous and fatal forms of dysentery was fre

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observations indicate Dr Chambers opinion of the value of certain

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tumour was at last dislodged and hung out of the wound by a

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ease affects the buccal surface of the cheek generally com

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ment of extreme forms of nervous diseases and of recent cases

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clusive evidence. Moreover the frequent absence of pain proves

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of a very thorough overhauling in many of its aspects by

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in which he so excelled after his powers had fully developed. The

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ance scientifically and practically. But the first thing to be

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given as being thoroughly up to date. To cover the ground


what he should do next. Then it came like an inspiration