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to place his finger over the exact spot where the sliver was.

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left alone with my patient or rather I should say I had one

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Westman and Colin Campbell visited Toronto during Christ

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I can remember having encountered the wall and handrails more than once on

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with opium or morphia. Friction applied persistently

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ening of the bones rhachitis scoliosis and kyphosis caries of

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region they gradually free themselves from the skin to form

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gastric juice or it may again be brought about by the

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The small intestine however was stuffed with hair balls so as to

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tion may be obtained by pinching the ears or pricking the skin.

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beside its destructiveness. Ringel has said It is impossible to foresee

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manure. In the second case a too wide nutritive ratio also

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sympathetic optic neuritis arose there remaining a consider

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covering the muscles extending over an area of 3 or 4 sq. cm.

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the circulation. The reaction which follows is necessarily

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of the thoracic duct was not uncommon in intra abdominal

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contributor to several departments of physiology and surgery. 1 am. Sir your