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infection with a comparatively high mortality and malarial infection is also

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Chesley Ont. April Yth aged 30. He was a graduate of

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burden with outward courage and dignity but with un

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stenosis of the pylorus hour glass contraction of the stomach

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exhibition of the tartrate of antimony as an emetic as well as in

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there was some inflammatory congestion of the lower portion of the left lung.

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students of veterinary medicine should give it their careful

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mentioned that in his experience he had never met with the disease

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tions are the external auditory meatus and the pinna.

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and physical sides joining hands as friends not as foes.

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of the effusion with usually a profuse diuresis and with or

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of carcinoma. Yerneuil and Reclus long ago called attention

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energetically to work on the most important question of the

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Tlie union of the school and the university is recommended

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the region of the internal abdominal ring one can often dis

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were given of a monovalent vaccine containing 500 million bacilli per c.c the

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titis with adhesions to neighboring organs stomach intestines etc.

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Supplementary Catalogue of recent Surgical Instruments and Appliances of

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him to the food necessary for his existence a similar though less unerring

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even in Scotland which is supplied with medical men not inferior

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Article I. On the Causes and Nature of the Vascular Kind

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less considerable that the blood is modified in the constitution of

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general management of the patient and nerve stimulants

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fundus of the organ and then pursuing a retrograde course to the

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as far forward as the umbiKcus. The hair is first removed

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We hear of one man curing his diphtheria cases with one remedy

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instinctive or reflex intelligence these are the attributes of nerve tissue