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taken place in Fevers and some other acute Diseases during the last Forty

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disease is fairly established the increased heat and dryness of the

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instructed his patient as to the proper course to pursue he may

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sequestration in the middle line of the body dorsaUy and

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pyrrhin. The pigment though in small amount is readily

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of this story however much it may be suggestive of science run

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first examined the throat not the slightest suspicion existed on the

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in one of the post cavalry stables with idiopathic tetanus. I

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cially to the introduction of a certain bill into the Ohio Legisla

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the nutrition of the intestinal walls are avoided. Prolonged

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deciding upon one or the other method. The author has sum

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distemper which is common to them but in a foreign form from

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and differentiation of the two conditions is scarcely possible.

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the whole belly and thorax. The sinapism will draw the cur

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According to the author there are sound clinical reasons for

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has the words Cures Dyspepsia on the wrapper. He tries

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Metastasis to the liver is more frequent than to any other organ

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The fecundity of the women is remarkable as might be expected considering

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gist s opinion seems to need severe qualification if

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sioned by the time necessary to complete it with safety while

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young again. With your permission therefore I will merely

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Sarah Parker MP Pepartment of Obstetrics amp lt 3ynecology Hahnemann

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traction of the radiating fibres and dilatation of the pupils and a

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nutritive but of motor independence if therefore it is shown as

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self which is often seen active in the prolonged paroxysm of

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stated that a horse when suffering from the pain of inflam

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British Society for the Study of OrthodoHtics Sec 15 Upper Wimpole Street W.l.

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under treatment was semi transparent and soft and afterwards

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the institution was constantly being impressed upon him by the

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in single large doses will be found useful. Williams cites the

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and then passing directly to the under side of the hind toe

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to ten. By slightly moving the needle around the opening of

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Keeping in view then the two principles here indicated viz. the

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his stall or box utterly regardless of the consequences and