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the exophthalmos which is not a necessary consequence any more

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them show marked and definite relations to each other. I

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of Dr Fuller s work. It contains a full and generally accurate

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hours after taking the tincture and this was followed by copious perspiration.

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femoral and brachial. For their production in anything like j er

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of having a tear and the amount of time it will require to

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discharge flowed from both nostrils but in larger quantity from the left. In

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search out other at present unknown sources of disease.

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Salmon conducted his experiments with great care and delicacy

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the eyelid of a bird. sprouted a horny growth which

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or pathology. We gather however from Dr Chambers statements

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Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry

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authorities have not as yet given any accurate information on

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certainly lead me to suppose that a particular definite portion of the

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Executive Committee be authorized to protect the copyright of the British Pharma

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of the day. The Chancellor as at present should be elected

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Charles. Hollingsworth Hillsboro Ohio William H. Hopidas Green River

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sets in and no such derangement of other functions nor of the

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seven other cases of asthma with attacks similar to the above

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age in which they lived. An education solely professional. Gentlemen is not to

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were fullj appreciated at Hong Kong during the severe epidemic of

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lateral surface of the limb crosses superficially the tendon of

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detached could have a veterinary non commissioned officer

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Malignant Disease of the Tongue. By Mayo Collier Journal

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Halford Wilham Senr. 41 Upper Tolling o. 1856 Lim Gre at Yarmouth

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ones. The rest of the jejunum and the whole of the ileum were

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recovered. Of eighteen cases of true malignant cholera treated in

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library is very rich in French medical works of all periods but we

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but this is an error arising from the sense of constriction above

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results of course in many forms of dyspepsia which when acting

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method of insertion which has led Mons. A. Milne Ed

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perature 102 deg. She had had some mastoid tenderness and

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Owing to the peculiar deposit affecting the vessels and glomeruli the supply

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was situated altogether in the right lumbar region close to the

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small and less prolific roots in previous use. Moreover in the dis

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ticularly on the condition of the cervix uteri in pregnancy in his

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Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries of London.

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mum remedium in blood impoverishment must be administered

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powerful symbols of healing and kept the serpents at

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wiU be required to pass the full preliminary examination. This alternative refers

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equipment for radiography of the kidney region. Its method of working is shown

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have acted for the first time since the accident. Urine of small

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citrine mass jelly like in consistency which has spread out

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case. They are Rest and dietetic treatment medicines by the