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in a dreamy state. Next morning felt uncomfortable had a bad appetite and
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investigations by impartial and prominent medical authorities.
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panied by great irritation of the rectum and excessive vomiting
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tory nature affecting the sensory nerves in the peritoneum and
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but are not the perforative cases. He finds from the records
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teristics course of development and in the nature and extent
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Eustachian tube. Both of the cases I have seen suffered from
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On questioning the patient he found that the attempted vaccination had been
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dular metastases within the thorax are very common and
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Holly Thank you so much for helping me in reaching this
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should simply constitute the attendants of the department.
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are criminal according to law whatever the underlying purpose
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further than this and in doubtful cases can often demonstrate the tuberculous
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from Anders will assist in differentiating ulcer of the stomach
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strength of most Europeans. This however is their forte in
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abdomen for seven years during which period the patient
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catholic the Greek spirit on the contrary was choice
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doses of aromatic spirits of ammonia ether or alcohol may
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The germs of veterinary medicine have had good soil on
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less function. The sincere physician sees disease permeat
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as a. valuable donation ot knowledge to the entire medical pro
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should have resorted to the use of the probe pointed bougie
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able elevation of temperature. As a stable plague the
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tion of this confessedly heterogeneous group by a careful
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infinitely more skill and more accurate observation are required