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of this investigation are that ten out of fourteen cases had a

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and one may easily prophesy that for a long time they will not

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dependent in great measure on the length of time during which it has

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The new United States Pharmacopeia makes many changes

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osseous systems and that of lead upon the nervous system and the

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gist. A valuable appendix presents a list of mammals that possess

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all power to contract when irritated cither directly or through the

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operation for acute appendicitis. The points of importance in differentiating

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the present study. As these facts were unknown to path

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tact with the infundibular process of the anterior ence

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cmm. of which the polymorphonuclears formed 92 per cent.

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and an inch and a half long. Their outer structure was very

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Chesley Ont. April Yth aged 30. He was a graduate of

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muscle. For in the former case the myopolar tract or tract of

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which is the most constant symptom in periodic vomiting

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