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sistent and in some instances act as cyst germs. The

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ities. To sustain his view he refers to the observations of various authors

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action is rendered more efficacious by the combination of those

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hero worship. Many questions were asked to all of which

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with restless and incessant bitterness against the gnat of vivi

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passages which eventually become obsolete as the ovary.

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wise enough to secure fifty acres of land near his village. He

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and manifesting itself chiefly in the splanchine area. The

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hysterical is unquestioned. It has no power to compel sleep

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fossa antihelix and concha partially was not painful. The fluid could be

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intense cold and helplessness seemed to creep over my whole body.

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make the metric system compulsory. The Toronto Mail and

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the integuments on the outer side have been much injured.

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through their hands they have on all occasions proved themselves

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not essential may be inferred from the case reported by Dr M.

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relegrams Ochthalmos. Finspark London Phone Hornskv 1133

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a partial and somewhat slow manner it may destroy the function

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of 600 or 700 annually. As might be expected the library con

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The Hetley Prize value 25 Clinical Medicine Surgery and Obstetrics.

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its consistence and character varying with the character of its

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discoveries in regard to the life history of the parasite might

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fatty kidney when the newly formed connective tissue passes into fatty deiren

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manifests itself early in the course of the disease but shows

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have caused it now. In concluding the writer says that a

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described by Dr. Mcllwraith which is especially useful in

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aitiTcd second sound docs not acquire the cavernous timbre in its

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perhaps only felt when efforts are made to move the affected

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drugs of the pharmacopeia. The poorer and the more hope

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in 42 necropsies in which a previous diagnosis of appendicitis

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not realized with the patient the irksomeness of abiding by

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tuberculosis may have typhoid fever without any detrimental effects on the

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throat tonsils very much enlarged and inflamed and lymph came

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greater tendency to invasion of the left as compared with the

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woman each and all swore without hesitation on their second view of the

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insert your fingers in the interval between the fat and the

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most loathsome and highly contagious disease Smallpox.

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earnest about it he informs himself carefully in regard to the

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where marks of external violence are visible. Accordingly she prepared for

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occurred on the eighteenth day of a severe attack of typhoid fever. Its

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this kind with their appropriate afterent or sensory nerves. Hence

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in head and pelvis and delusions was unmanageable de

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disease of the horse with local lesions of the bronchi