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and may come on in the night or early morning. In such cases

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in very exaggerated terms and in many instances erroneously.

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I am inclined to think that it will be found though that

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Nephritis. Six cases of chronic nephritis have been treated

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likely one. Men don t do that sort of thing nowadays.

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nasal cavity was also partly exposed. On inquirine he learned that the

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peral infection lung tuberculosis and articular rheumatism

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Etiology and Prophylaxis. A Conference at Pretoria has discussed the

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with the disease was that advocated by Mr. Rutherford viz. slaughter

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Gillman Moorehead in the Journal of July 6th says that he

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physiological difference which exists between the life of an adult in

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lymphatic glands are invariably affected whereas they often

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being sufficient to account for the slight degree of redness produced.