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My object in sending to you a short paper upon lung worms
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The conditions for which he may operate at some selected or
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ligaments of the various articulations and deal with them in a
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Passing now to the consideration of the remarkable appearance
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pain is often more generalized and tenderness on pressure is
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on April 12th. Before coming to Toronto Dr. Clarke was for
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The grinder for the College conducts his tuition in the
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Glasgow where I remained two day.s going from thence to Govan Poorhouse
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In order to show how thoroughly Doctor Sutton has dealt with
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existence that either spontaneously or apparently resulting from
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Cremation Society of England 52 New Cavendish Street W.l.
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sequently supposing that muscular irritability depended on the
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weeks. In every instance the points should be double
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teric passage and have no connection either with ovary
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the latter disease where the glands were in the least affected
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Resolved That we consider inoculation to be an extremely
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were fullj appreciated at Hong Kong during the severe epidemic of
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The subject was a cow and the case came under the notice
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while teaching you fimcthing of the physiognomy of disease will satisfy you
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bears is more and more cretinous. My friend Dr Morel of St
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and actually will show up the ridiculous pretensions of
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